My life at UIS

Toms= 1 day no shoes.

Hey all,

SO I want to tell you about something that I did that was very exciting!

It is called “1 day no shoes” basically it is put on by Toms shoes organization. Tom’s is a For-Profit organization hats primary and most popular product is shoes. For each pair of shoes you buy Toms donates a pair directly to kids in need. SWEET RIGHT??!! There are no catches no fine lines. Plain and Simple. ONE FOR ONE. Is there slogan.

the creater of Toms…

So each year on April 5 they host a national day where your campus, school, organization, or business walks around all day without shoes. Crazy right? Well statistics show (look on Toms Website) that thousands of kids are prone to infection which usually leads to amputation and in often to common, death. All because they do not have some rubber on their feet protecting them from the ground. Well the reason we walk without is so that others do not have to!

So under the leadership of Itzi Llamas and Debra Tudor we that attend UIS wore no shoes…ALL DAY LONG! And let me tell you the ground at 7:00am is COLD! And to add a little fun some girls and  I painted our feet!

 But I figure if a little five year old can do it everyday for the rest of their life, I can do it for a couple of hours.

So we met together at 12:00pm for a march across campus and to chalk up the sidewalks. It was a great time and you can watch the video below of us! IT IS REALLY COOL!!!/video/video.php?v=166245416762952&subj=898275511&oid=116349815051520

The idea for Toms is amazing and revolutionary….although it is just a simple idea. So please join the crowd and get some TOMS to provide shoes for another kid.

So here is the link to TOMS

 they  have awesome styles in shoes and clothing!

 And I am saving up for my own pair!



One response

  1. anahi becerra

    hey tom , mice of you that you are raking oares little kids that they dont have shoes thank you !!!! ❤

    September 20, 2011 at 10:39 am

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